Wanda web site concept

As you can see this is only a small part of the Wanda the fish fan site.

The idea for the site was growing slowly for the last 2 wears and I was postponing it for unknown reasons … leasyness may be. However the time shaped and polished the entire “Wanda ports” idea and finally I started working bit by bit.

Here is my Wanda the fish website concept. It is in draft stage and probably will change in time when I start working over the illustrations. However the idea is as follows:

The site features are as follows:

1) One page design in a form of small interactive world

2) Interactive objects: Wanda (on click a fortune cookie should be displayed), pebbles (titled with links to the other site parts and download areas), the water surface (react on the mouse movement to create waves), bottle with a message (not clear) but will be used by the twitter bird to come from time to time and alight, sun/moon (moving from right to the left) and creating the corresponding changes in the scene lightning

TODO: should come up with an area for different settings – like time zone and fish “skin” (still no celar concept for this one though)

I set only one mandatory requirement – this should be entirely HTML 5 thing. Let see how it will work :)

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