Wanda The Fish HTML5 – v1.0b released

I just released Wanda The Fish HTML 5 beta version which is based on the concept from my previous post. The entire thing started to get its shape which makes me happy :).
The process is a bit sluggish because this is my first HTML5 project and I have a lot to read and to understand.
I will probably write another post for all the challenges during the development. I guess most of the things are pieces of cake for every experienced HTML 5 game developer, but since I’m rookie they were quite time consuming for me.

So … what is the projects status?
We have already:
– HTML 5 interface that consists of – interactive see, fish that moves following a random path, a fortunes display.
– The interface consumes PHP webservice

IMPORTANT: The interface is tested only with Chrome.

There are plenty of features included in my original concept and not implemented in that version, but step by step I’m planning to put them together. But before implementing any new features I’ll try to get rid of several severe bugs and make the app cross-browser. This will lead to a version release 😉

Here is the TODO list:

  • Fix the water sensitivity to the mouse movement
  • Handle properly window resize
  • Add cross-browser support
  • Get rid of the hardcoded variables
  • Match the fortune time to display (time before the fortune text fades out) to standard reading speed
  • Add some kind of loader in case the fortune web service delays the response
  • Clean up and comment the code
  • Upload the code in the github repository

So enjoy the new Wanda on wandathefish.com.
The old interface is moved to http://wandathefish.com/wanda_v01/

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